Quick & Easy Lasagna

Being served a fist-sized portion on a magazine sized plate is something we all hate. I personally loathe places/people that are stingy with regard to food. Who doesn’t?
Whenever we order lasagna at a restaurant, they present us with this tiny slice of it as though they’re undergoing some crisis. I mean, Seriously?

That’s when I was like, I need to make this at home and eat as much as I want and not bother troubling them in their time of ‘crisis’.

Lasagna is made with several layers of pasta sheets alternated with sauces and various other ingredients.

In my version,
Lasagna = (Pasta Sheets) + (Meat cooked in Tomato sauce) + (Bechamel Sauce)


Pasta Sheets – 8-10

Meat cooked in Tomato Sauce:
Oil – 2-3 tbsp

Sausages – 10 (ground)  //You could use any kind of ground (minced) meat – 3 cups
Garlic Paste – 1 tbsp
Tomato Paste – 1 cup
Chilli powder – 2 tsp
Salt & Pepper – to taste

Bechamel Sauce: 
Butter – 4 tbsp
Flour – 5-6 tbsp
Milk – 2.5 cup
Salt- 2 tbsp
Pepper – 1 tsp
Cheese – a handful (any kind) //optional 

To garnish:
Chopped Spinach / Parsley – a handful  (optional)

Step 1:  Boil the pasta sheets and let them cook until 80% done. Strain and keep aside.

Step 2: In a non-stick pan, heat some oil and add the tomato paste, garlic paste, chilli powder and sausages to it. Cook for about 5 minutes or until done.

Step 3: In a pan, heat the butter and add the flour to it until well incorporated. Now add in the milk and whisk until its starts to thicken. Turn off the flame and let it cool while it continues to thicken. Add salt, pepper, and a handful of your favorite kind of cheese. Mix well.
(Here’s the link to Laura Vitale’s Bechamel Sauce recipe. I’ve followed the same technique, but used only the ingredients mentioned above.)

Step 4: In a baking dish, smear some oil and start layering.

Minced meat, bechamel, pasta sheets, bechamel, minced meat, bechamel and so on.

I like to start with minced meat as I feel it serves as a decent base. I also like to end with minced meat and top with the bechamel sauce. This way, once baked, its like a thick layer of bechamel and you can see the meat through the cheese. Makes it look all the more tempting. You could also sprinkle some chopped spinach/parsley leaves on top. I’ve used spinach as I like the flavor it imparts.

It wouldn’t take much time to set as all the ingredients are already cooked. Bake for a total of 20 minutes or until done.

Slice & enjoy hot! 🙂


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