Protein-rich Tasty Salad

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When should salad be served? Before a meal, or after a meal?

Our new routine is eating salad before lunch/dinner. This way, we eat wayyyy lesser, and stay full for longer. Sometimes, I even make myself a bowl of salad when I’m craving junk. A healthier alternative that tastes equally good, because of the olives, jalapenos and that little bit of mayo 😉 😀 :p

Having a bowl of salad 15 minutes before a meal is always a good idea. It usually takes about 15-30 minutes for your stomach to signal your brain whether you’re full or not. That’s why the 15 minute (minimum) gap.

So this is a basic pre-meal salad to help cut down on major carbs in your meal, or a ‘serves-1’ super filling MEAL 😀

Serves: 2

A handful of your choice of legumes. I’ve used:
– Dark Red Kidney Beans
– White Chick Peas (Channa)

Two tbsp’s of each of the following:
– Fresh Corn
– Chopped Olives
– Chopped Jalapenos

Carrot – 1 (grated)
Cucumber – 1 (chopped)
Chopped Onions – a handful
Chopped capsicum(bell pepper) – a handful
Chopped Lettuce – 1 cup
Dressing of your choice –  (optional)
Flax seed (powdered) – 2 tbsp (optional)

Step 1: In a bowl, mix all the ingredients.

Step 2: Use olive oil or a dressing of your choice. I’ve added half a tbsp of mayonnaise just because of my love for it. 😀

Step 3: Add in flax seed powder for added crunch, protein, fibre and your daily dose of omega-3.



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