Kiwi and Pomegranate in Melted Chocolate

This one’s a quickie dessert. Hardly any prep time required.

Chocolate mixed with pomegranate and kiwi. I’ve always loved a simple bowl of chopped kiwi and pomegranates. Adding chocolate to it just takes it up several notches.

Serves: 4-5

Kiwi – 5 (chopped into into pieces)
Pomegranate – 1 (de-seed-ed)
Milk Chocolate bars – 2


Step 1: In a microwave safe bowl, break 2 chocolate bars and heat until they melt.

Step 2: Mix in the fruits. Refrigerate.

Step 3: Serve cold.

DSC00415 - Copy (2)

Note: These fruits tend to release a lot of water, so the chocolate will not harden, on the whole. You may find a few chunks here and there, which add to the texture of this dessert.



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